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Quality Certification Program

The eTech LED Quality Certification program puts our products through an exacting review process. It gives our customers the assurance of a quality product with predictable performance backed by a dependable warranty.

When a product is evaluated for the eTech LED Quality Certified label,
our staff engages in a detailed procedure of determining the product performance characteristics based on independent lab testing and
manufacturer operating procedures.

The eTech LED Quality Certified verification process includes the following:

  • Factory Certification
  • Technical Specification Testing &┬áVerification
  • Certification Compliance Verification
  • Factory QC Process Review
  • Independent Lab Test Report Documentation
  • IES Photometric File Accuracy
  • In Situ Temperature Test Data
  • L70 Lifespan Calculations

eTech LED products manufactured in OEM factories are subject to the same Quality Certification program as all eTech products produced either domestically or internationally.

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By the time eTech LED marks a product as "Quality Certified," all performance specifications have been tested and confirmed. eTech LED Quality Certified products are guaranteed to provide customers and end users with dependable performance and reliable, maintenance-free operation.

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