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28 July

Investment by Energy Efficiency Firm Spurs LED Manufacturer’s Growth

Written by  eTech LED

Oshkosh, WI: Investment by Energy Efficiency Firm Spurs LED Manufacturer’s Growth.

Madison, WI: Energy Tech Solutions, LLC (ETS) based in Madison, WI is pleased to announce a joint venture with ECM Holding Group, LLC (ECM) of Oshkosh, WI named eTECH LED, LLC. Due to rapidly growing demand for eTECH LED products, ETS is partnering with ECM to spin off eTECH LED as a separate operating entity. The ECM team will help manage the transformation while investing in leadership, logistical, and sales resources.

Founded in 2005 by Rob and Cynthia Everhart, ETS has manufactured and distributed high quality LED products under the eTECH LED brand. For over ten years, eTECH LED products have been setting a high standard for quality, value, and customer service. These products have been installed in all fifty states and in over fifteen different countries.

ECM Holding Group provides energy conservation technologies and project solutions to leading Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and corporate clients in North America. ECM CEO Tom Laufenberg talked about the investment in eTech LED, "I have known Rob for almost twenty years. During that time, he has been at the forefront of the LED Lighting industry. Over the past year, we've worked closely to develop a business model that will satisfy the rapidly expanding demand for eTECH LED branded products, and at the same time, capture an even bigger share of this exploding market."

"We are very excited about what this joint venture will do for the eTECH LED portfolio of products," says Rob Everhart. "Over the last ten years we have built an LED manufacturing and distribution company which has been a pioneer in the path toward the widespread adoption of LED lighting. As the economics of LED lighting have become much more compelling to our clients, our orders have dramatically grown and it was clear that we needed a partner. ECM brings us the funding, infrastructure, and leadership to capitalize on this explosive growth."

Sales of LED's in North America are expected to soon completely eliminate incandescent bulbs. The LED lighting market (at $13.6 billion in 2014) is anticipated to grow 45% per year through 2020 and reach $63.1 billion by 2020. Market forecasts are based on indications that LED's are leveraging economies of scale to achieve price points attractive to users. Markets appear to be moving toward 100% LED replacement of existing technology including incandescent and florescent bulbs. The reason is the declining price points and the increased interest by the channel in pushing LED's to consumers.

Source: LED Lighting: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2020
Jan 9, 2015, WinterGreen Research

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